1、the operation no response
 sound system crash,press the reset button to restart the sysstem
(Reset key position each speaker, please refer to detailed instructions.)
 2.music player appears staccato
Check whether the connected device exceeds the valid connection distance, or there is an obstacle between the speaker with the connected device
3, TF card error / malformed
1. Check the TF card  the correct format (speaker support TF card format FA32)
 2. Whether you are using speaker support TF card file format
 (Speaker  supported file formats, refer to the manual.)
, play no sound
1. Check whether the speaker volume can be adjustmented
2. Check whether speaker has been muted or suspended
5, multiple connection unsuccessful pairing
1. Turn off speaker reboot
2. If your device requires a passcode, enter 0000
6,connected no sound
check audio properly connected

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